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Maximize your savings
Our members saved $119 monthly on average
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No Hidden fees
Gravity Lending Does Not Charge Our Members Fees to Refinance their auto loan.
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Rates Starting at 1.99% APR*
With rates this low, you can’t afford to miss out. 

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Our application process is fast, efficient, and secure. As a result of our industry-leading technologies, our customers get to experience a streamlined & user-friendly refinancing experience. Our knowledgeable Gravity Lending team is here to guide you through the process, step-by-step, by phone, email, or text.

Our industry experts will guide you through customizing your auto loan to fit your personal needs. You’re able to determine the terms of your agreement to focus on maximizing your monthly savings, your interest savings, or both (as long as it is within the lenders’ guidelines). We provide our customers the ability to add different protection plans at a fraction of the cost compared to a dealership, such as a vehicle service contacts (VSC), GAP, and Depreciation Protection – So you don’t have to come out-of-pocket to make sure your budget is secure and protected for years to come.

Our investment in technology and partnership with Lightico allows us to simplify the document collection process by having our customers’ review documents sign agreements, and upload required items, like photo ID, all in real-time from their mobile device.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy 45-90 days of payment-free. Gravity Lending will pay off your old loan so that you can enjoy your new lower payment.


Our members saved $119 monthly on average
Whether you want to lower your payment or pay less interest, Gravity Lending can help you explore your saving possibilities