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Welcome to the Gravity Lending Resources page. This is where we share some of the most important tips, news and other items we come across in auto refinancing and other loan opportunities.

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Bags of money in hand from refinancing a car.

Happy Holidays! While many in the financial markets consider 2022 to be the year to forget, Auto Refinance as an asset type for banks and credit unions continues to show strength in the market. With slowing reamortizations and below average delinquencies, financial institutions can lean on recapturing seasoned auto assets and grow new memberships to […]

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How Does Student Loan Forbearance Work?

Man putting money in a jar.

Student loan forbearance, a temporary solution for those struggling with financial stress, suspends or lowers student loan payments. How Does Student Loan Forbearance Work? If you’re at risk of defaulting on your loans and don’t qualify for student loan deferment, forbearance may be an option to ensure your credit score doesn’t slip. However, it is […]

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How Do Student Loan Deferments Work?

Students Celebrating

After trying to decrease your auto payments, a student loan deferment may be another option to increase financial breathing room. Student loan deferments, designed to provide financial relief, allow a temporary pause or monthly payment reduction. Federal student loans and private loans are available for loan deferments; however, rules and requirements vary depending on the […]

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How to Budget for Inflation and Higher Prices

Woman doing inflation budgeting with calculator

While some experts say inflation has peaked, it’s left behind angry consumers, lighter wallets, and more questions than answers. Not all is lost: Effective tactics for surviving inflation exist, and they’re not difficult to implement into everyday spending. Here’s how you can start saving for inflation and sharpen your inflation budgeting, starting with the lowest-hanging […]

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Refinancing Student Loans: Pros and Cons

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The United States currently houses about $1.75 trillion worth of federal and private student loan debt. With the cost of college tuition steadily rising in recent decades, managing that student loan debt has become an inconvenient burden to many. Luckily, students with loan debt can refinance and ease the burden, freeing up cash for other […]

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How to Refinance Your Student Loans | Save Money on Monthly Payments

Man stressing over student loans

Student loans represent a financial burden for thousands of graduates across the country. For those who are struggling with their rates, terms, or payments, refinancing can make a helpful impact. Even though there are financial benefits, navigating the process can be difficult, which is why this blog breaks down everything you need to know and […]

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