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How Do I Refinance My Auto Loan?

Applying to refinance your auto loan with Gravity Lending takes just a few minutes, and with our vast lender network, we can pre-qualify you without affecting your credit. This will allow you to easily and confidently make the right decision on your new loan. We evaluate your specific needs, credit situation, and vehicle value, and then a dedicated loan officer will provide you with all your customized options.

1. Evaluate Your Credit

Allow Gravity Lending to conduct a soft inquiry on your credit, which does not affect your credit score. By doing a soft-pull we are able to determine the probability of getting your loan approved prior to proceeding with the process.

2. Apply with Gravity Lending

  • Our process is quick, secure, and easy.
  • Our expert team of loan officers will take the time to understand your unique financial situation and goals.
  • Gravity Lending has a nationwide lender network to ensure we find the best customizable loan options available to you.
  • Conveniently sign and upload documents across all mobile devices electronically – E-signature, E-forms, and Real-time photo ID Verification.
  • Unlike the other refinance companies out there, Gravity Lending offers our services to you free of charge, with no fees.

3. Review Loan Terms

Once your dedicated loan officer has reviewed your application, they will contact you to discuss your options.

A few things to consider regarding your term options:

  • Shorten the term – if you’re already accustomed to the current payment, you may be able to keep the same payment and shorten the remaining term of your loan. You will pay less interest this way, saving money over the life of your loan.
  • Stretch out the term – If your monthly budget could use a break, you can always lengthen your loan term to decrease the amount of your payment each month.

Below is a common savings comparison*

4. Required Documentation

Valid Driver’s License

In order to secure your new loan, all lenders will require a copy of your valid driver’s license. In the event you do not have one, please discuss with your loan officer.

Proof of Auto Insurance

Proof of full coverage insurance is required on all loans. You may either provide your insurance ID card or the declarations page from your insurance company. If you don’t have either of these, let your loan officer know the contact information for your insurance company. Many times we’re able to call them and collect proof of insurance!

5. Finish the Process

Conveniently sign your loan documents electronically and upload any stipulations straight from your phone. Gravity Lending will take care of getting everything over to your new lender for funding and you can start enjoying your new loan!

To get started simply Apply Here or feel free to contact us at 888-602-1125 or

What is Auto Refinancing?
How to refinance an auto loan?
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Original Loan – $32,000


APR 12.90%

Monthly Payment – $726.46

New Refinanced Loan -$32,000


APR – 6.90%

Monthly Payment – $632.13


Common Savings Comparison*