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Gravity Lending does auto refinance better than anyone else, but we also offer an array of products for auto owners. These products can help you navigate life’s surprises and do so at a fraction of the cost. If you purchased any of these products through the dealer, you should be able to get a partial refund on most of them. *

Our auto refinancing products are eligible for customers who do their car refinancing with us. With the added benefits of these products, including no out-of-pocket expenses to get started, you can’t go wrong choosing Gravity Lending as the premiere service to refinance your car loan.

GAP insurance is ideal for preventing potential financial burdens if your vehicle is totaled or stolen. Guaranteed Asset Protection covers the difference between what you owe and what your car is worth. With this protection, you can avoid financial loss by waiving a portion or all the deficiency between a car loan and the vehicle’s worth.

Your insurance may not cover the total cost of your vehicle in the event of theft or irreversible damage. For these instances, depreciation protection can help you mitigate the financial impact of losing your vehicle. With Gravity Lending’s Depreciation Protection, up to $10,000 of your vehicle equity can be recovered after an instance like theft or total loss of your vehicle.

Life is full of the unexpected. But you can ensure that your car payments are made on time with Vehicle Debt Protection from us. With this product, you rest easy knowing that charges on your auto loan will be made even if you are struggling to pay other bills.

Car repairs can cost you a fortune in out-of-pocket expenses. So why not eliminate them? With our Vehicle Service Contract, you can minimize the cost to yourself if you need repairs. A VSC conveniently picks up right where the manufacturer’s warranty ends, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs.

A Vehicle Protection Plan can cover the cost to repair unexpected issues with your vehicle. This coverage is used to resolve problems with tires, wheels, keys, body panels, and more. Additionally, there are fewer limits on the type of vehicles this plan covers, meaning you can save a fortune regardless of your circumstances.

*GAP Insurance may be an exception.