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Tax Lien Loan

Unable To Pay Your Property Tax Bill?

Unable To Pay Your Property Tax Bill?

Rental Property
Raw Land

Gravity Lending is Your Texas Solutions.

Gravity Lending is Your Texas Solutions.

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Did You Know?

Texans have some of the highest property tax obligations in the United States and every year thousands of Texans are unable to pay their property tax bill. Once the tax bill is not paid, the fees and penalties add up quickly. Gravity helps Texans pay their residential property taxes. 

Whether it’s your personal residence, vacation home, investment property, vacant land, or inherited property, we have a quick, economical solution for you. We’ll quickly pay your taxes before you incur further penalties and fees and you pay us back over an agreed-upon time.

After a quick call with one of our state-licensed loan officers, we’ll get the information needed to complete an application, we’ll quickly produce your loan documents, and you can complete them electronically in the comfort of your home. Once returned, we will quickly pay off your taxes so you are no longer incurring additional fees from the state. Very simple.

What is a property tax loan?

A property tax loan pays off your delinquent taxes, fees, and interest and transfers the tax lien to the company until paid-in-full. Once paid, the lien is released

How does a tax loan work?

Gravity Financial Services would pay off the tax bill completely. We will structure a payment plan over a length of time you choose (between 2-10 years)

Fill out the form located on our website or call to speak to one of our Loan Officers at 888-888-8888

Yes, the plan is built uniquely for your personal situation and can range from 2 to 10 years with no early pay off penalties

  • residential houses 
  • homesteads
  • rent houses (1-4 units)
  • raw land
  • This will vary based on multiple factors, the number of properties, if you’re a prior borrower, etc
  • Call us for further details 888-888-8888

Yes. Most of our borrowers currently have a mortgage

  • No, you already have a lien by the taxing authority
  • We’re simply transferring that lien to GFS when we pay off the taxes
  • We release the lien once we’re paid back

There are no out of pocket expenses to set up the loan. All closing costs are rolled into the loan